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2 Jul 2017
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How To Choose Exercises To Create A Weight Lifting Program


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Posted By Ramiro R.

If you want to transform your skinny body into a huge mass of muscle then you need to learn how to make your workout more effective so you get quick results. Here are seven body building tips that will help you meet your goal.

Best exercises. When you are striving to build huge muscles, stay away from weight machines. You will get better results with free weights or using your own body weight as resistance. The reason for that is those types of exercise give you full range of motion which helps you build strong joints and muscles. Another important body building tip is to use the heaviest weight you can manage so you can stress your muscles and spur growth.

Sets per workout. Less is more when it comes to building muscle. You should aim to do a max of 12 to 16 sets each workout session. This will allow you to build muscle faster while having a better recovery time. This means less soreness and no overtraining that slows down muscle growth.

How many sets to do per exercise: Although most exercisers especially those working out for a long time are prescribed just 1 - 3 sets per exercise, raw beginners need to perform 3 - 5 sets as their muscles need that stimulation to grow.

How many reps to perform per set: Most muscle building programs promote the 8-12 rep range but it is a much generalized range that doesn't help skinny people grow any muscle at all. Use much heavier weights and get into the 5-8 rep range to stimulate muscle growth. Hypertrophy happens only with heavy stress that is not very repetitive.

How fast should the rep speed be: Reps need to be fast for the skinny guys - a second at most for lifting and two seconds at most for lowering. As long as you don't jerk you can do it speedily. Slow, deliberate motion that is advised in many programs does no good to the skinny lifter.

Rest between sets. When you first start out, you can get by with short rests between sets like 45 to 90 seconds depending upon the type of exercise you are doing. However, once you pack on muscle and gain endurance and strength, you should allow at least 2 to 4 minutes between sets for the best recovery time.

Training session time. The ideal training time is 30 to 45 minutes. That is all that is required for testosterone to build to peak levels. If you exercise longer than that, cortisol will work against you and tear down muscle tissue.

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By Bret H. on JUL 6 2017 @ 7:10PM

This is some great advice! I've incorperated some of the ideas into my personal daily workout :)

By Devon B. on JUL 5 2017 @ 8:19PM

I really like the advice about how many reps to do--I didn't know until now--thanks!

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