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  •   28 Jun 2017   Posted By Cara B.   80 Favs   0 Comments

    Top 5 Dumbbell Workouts For Muscle Building

    Dumbbells are one of the best pieces of home gym equipment anyone can own. They take up a very small amount of space and can be used to work almost every muscle in the body. There are literally hundreds of different exercises you can do with them but below are the top 5 dumbbell workouts.

    The one exercise everybody knows is the bicep curl.

  •   11 Jul 2017   Posted By Horace F.   96 Favs   0 Comments

    A Guide To Successful Weightlifter Workouts

    Bodybuilder workouts form the foundation of muscle development. To be effective, the exercises must be done on a regular basis and be combined with good nutrition and periods of rest. Some exercises require the specialized equipment found in a gym. Others are simple enough to do at home. Athletes should have a workout plan and use a log book to record their progress.

  •   29 Jun 2017   Posted By Gordon R.   87 Favs   0 Comments

    Fathers Day Gift Ideas - Strength Training Anatomy (3rd Edition)

    Brief Overview Of This "Strength Training Anatomy" Book

    "Strength Training Anatomy" is a book by Frederic Delavier where you will discover how your muscles work when you are doing strength exercises.